Thursday, January 19, 2012

Piles, Piles Everywhere!!!!

My hubby has been busy filming so when he is home he is either sleeping or rushing out the door.  Normally he is the best little house keeper ever and I am very lucky to have a husband who actually cleans and does laundry.  But the reason for my rant is my hubby is also I pile maker which drives me batty!!!!  He loves to make piles!!!  He makes piles of receipts, piles of to-do list, piles of books/magazines, piles of clothes, piles, piles, and more piles!!!!!  At this very moment I'm staring at a pile of movies/T.V DVDs that he HAS to watch.  I'm not kidding when I say there are about 30 DVDs on my coffee tables.

This pile began before christmas and has migrated from the T.V stand to the table.  Lord knows when this pile will disappear.  Just this morning I have picked up 2 piles of clothes, one from his side of the bed and one from the bathroom, a pile of medicine packets from the counter from last night and this morning, along with the empty box, and coffee mugs that were beside the bed.   I actually caught him before he made his pile of sugar packets on the counter.  He giggled because he knew he would leave the packets on the counter instead of throwing them away.  So if this is the worst he does then I'm pretty lucky but if I ever come up missing, you know that I have fallen into one of his piles and can't climb out!!!!!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I'd be lying if I said my name was Jackaroy...

I meet tons of people on a daily basis.  It is quite a learning experience on how to deal with certain types of personalities.   I've met the "you are so quiet are you even alive" personality, those you have to pound with questions to get them to talk to you.  Eventually they come around and it is nice to have conversations with them.  Then there is the "I am SO hilarious" personality.  These people can either be super funny or super annoying.  Either way you are going to laugh or make so much fun of them that you make yourself laugh.  Then you have the "everything you've done, I've done better" personality.  These are the people you just listen and nod because no matter what you say they've somehow done it 100 times better.  These personalities drive me crazy.  But the personality the is the most annoying which I have encountered entirely too much lately is the, "I've done all these amazing things, non of which are true, so everything that comes out of my mouth is a lie" personality.  With that being said, let my rant begin!

Bottom line:  I have an utter dislike for liars!!!!  I do realize there are certain situations people encounter in their lives where they must lie.  For example, a child asking where babies come from.  A parent is going to make up a white lie for the sake of not scarring the child at a young age.  Acceptable.  These people are not creating the lie to compensate for their meager existence but to help not create chaos.  But if you are an ADULT who has to lie to other ADULTS to impress them, you seriously need to get in check with reality.   I personally do not care where you don't work and how much you don't make, where you did not go to school and what collegiate sports you did not play, where you were going to go and what you were going to do.  There is no person on the face of the planet that is worth loosing your self worth over because you must impress them with your tales of crap that never happened!

So if you ever encounter this personality, RUN!  These people are exhausting and will waste precious minutes of your life babbling over things that are not true.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

If I was HALF as strong as my sister, I'd be doing great!!!!

"Army wives:  The toughest job in the military."  Unknown

(This is a blog I started a while back and wanted to share with everyone.  Coming Home actually contacted Kelli and I about my sister's story!  It was awesome!!!)

My transition from California to Georgia put a toll on me.  Dane was going to stay in California to see if he could continue to act and with our flight privlages we would be able to see each other anytime.  Sounds easy, right?  Not so much.  Just that short time apart pushed me into having anxiety attacks and the strange thing about it was that I even got to see him a few days a month.  He ended up moving back to Georgia (a good thing for his acting) and the attacks stopped (well slowed down until I figured out how to control them).  I thought him wanting to be an actor was hard, what on earth would I do if he decided to join the military!!!!!

My sister may be the strongest person I have ever known!!!  She is halfway through my brother-n-law's forth deployment, yes I said FORTH deployment, and she has not be admitted to the crazy farm (yet).  I could not imagine having to be in a new location, with 3 kids, and a husband half a world away!  And for an entire year!!!  No thanks!!!  So my younger sister and I got the great idea after watching a T.V. show on lifetime,  Coming Home, to write to them about my sister.  This is how much we love and admire our older sister!!!  Enjoy and we love you, Kimmy!!!

Dear Coming Home Casting,

Our brother-n-law, 1st SGT Daniel Homan, is currently on a year
deployment to Afghanistan.  He has been gone since September 2010.  We
really want to surprise our sister who is one of the strongest women
we know.  My sister and brother-n-law were high school sweethearts.
During their 17 years of marriage they have seen 3 children born, 6
states, and 4 deployments (3 to Iraq and this recent one to

Our sister is an incredibly amazing wife and mother.  During his first
and second deployment to Iraq she cared for two children, she went
back to school and finished college, she held down a full-time job,
and had to mend to one of her children that had a partial leg
amputation a year after he was born.  She never missed a beat.  Life
continued to stay as normal as possible for her children even though
deep inside she was missing her soldier.  One week before his 3rd
deployment she gave birth to their last child and then he was off to
Iraq for another nine months defending his country.

We are currently halfway through his 4th deployment.  It has been 4
years since he was last deployed and their kids are now at the age
where having dad gone is difficult on them all.  A new base, a new
state, a new community, and a new school.  The oldest is missing his
dad and the youngest does not understand where daddy is.  Yet our
sister remains to keep everyday life as normal as possible for their
children yet deep down she is missing her love, her soldier.

We are the sister-n-laws of the soldier.  We think it would be a great
surprise to our sister and our nephews and niece if our brother-n-law
came home unexpectedly.  After the year that she has endured being a
single mother of three, where days can be chaotic with school,
homework, and swim/baseball practice, we think nothing would be more
perfect than to give her a surprise of a lifetime.  She is always
having to be the rock for us all and it would be great for us to give
something back to her.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Short, sweet, and painless

My name is Brandi and I'm married to a wonderful aspiring actor.  We live in GA and have a dog.  No kids!  Seems simple, right?  Oh, you have no idea.  My journey over the last several years has made me go from a quiet listener to an opinionated loud mouth.  With that being said this is why I'm blogging.

I've started this blog because I need to learn to filter my thoughts instead of blurting them out.   If I write down my thoughts then it will help me not get my foot stuck in my mouth on a day to day basis.  Granted, this will not keep me from expressing things out loud, which I tend to do no matter how it makes you feel, but to maybe control it a little.  This blog may be about something I saw, something I did, something I heard, a person I saw walking down the street, or anything that comes to into my mind (which is a whirlpool of weirdness).   Follow me if you like and make comments, by all means make comments.  As this being my first blog (basically an introduction) I hope you enjoy reading what my explosive mind has to say.